Transport Temperature Loggers

Receive real-time temperature alerts and GPS tracking from anywhere in the world.

Transport Temperature Loggers

Transport Temperature Loggers

When products are out of your reach, that doesn't mean they have to be out of your control. 

Monitor your off-site shipments with our transport logger solutions. While in transit, you will receive complete visibility of your perishable products from manufacturer to distribution.  

Get real-time data sent directly to you to be analysed, measured, and documented to ensure the safety of your products. Whatever parameters of your product you need to measure, MATOS Monitoring can help.

Features and Benefits Include

Receive Custom Reports

Reporting can be customised to be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly.

SMS/Email Alerts

Be alerted to temperature breaches sent directly to you on any web-capable device.

GPS Tracking

Track your shipments movements from manufacturer to its final destination, ensuring a safe delivery.


For the last decade, we have been known for our presence in the medical industry, providing unique solutions to sensitive products.

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Our monitoring solutions will allow you to track livestock, soil, weather conditions accurately, and water intake, ensuring your crops are properly developing.

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Using our monitoring products, you can keep track of your storage temperature and significantly reduce your risk of wastage.

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Logistics & Shipping

Wherever you are in the world, you can monitor every step of your shipment’s movements.

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