Matos Real Time Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

With MATOS Monitoring solutions, you can achieve total visibility of your perishable product's temperatures. Through the Live Dashboard Interface, you will receive 24/7, customisable alerts.  

These alerts can be raised for: 

  • Temperature breaches
  • Door open
  • Power loss
  • Ambient room temperatures¬†

Our range of products can be easily adapted to any product in any industry.

Features and Benefits Include

Fully Automatic

Ensure your stock is legitimate, untampered, and maintain correct temperature levels through this fully automated 24/7 monitoring system.

Internal Memory

Memory is capable of logging up to 30 days.

Cloud Storage

Data and storage is protected with a 10-year guarantee

Energy Efficient

MATOS® Plus Cloud fridges are more energy efficient and kinder to the environment, meaning the running costs of the refrigerator are kept as low as possible.

Our range of Real-time Monitoring Products

CLOUD Refrigerators / Freezers

Our premium range of Medical Refrigerators and Freezers includes our Data Acquisition & Transfer Module and Fridge Rescue System.

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MATOS Wireless Monitoring Temperature Sensor

Get access to all of the MATOS monitoring features without the need for specialised configuration or software.

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MATOS M-310 Retrofit Solution

Through this stand alone monitoring unit, MATOS monitoring can be retrofitted to any fridge, freezer, coolroom, or airspace.

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