MATOS Override Controller System

In cases of temperature breaches, our software will automatically readjust while you wait for a technician.

Override Controller System

Override Controller System

The security and lifecycle of products are critical to any industry reliant on perishable items. That's why we offer an override solution. If a refrigerator or freezer temperature exceeds a predetermined threshold, our hardwired Override Controller System will automatically decrease or increase the temperature. 

You will be instantly alerted to the temperature breach, and the Override Controller System will run until a technician can complete the necessary repairs.

Features and Benefits Include

Fully Automated

Ensure your stock is legitimate, untampered, and maintain correct temperature levels through this fully automated 24/7 monitoring system.

Back-up Controller

Equipped with a back-up controller.


For the last decade, we have been known for our presence in the medical industry, providing unique solutions to sensitive products.

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Our monitoring solutions will allow you to track livestock, soil, weather conditions accurately, and water intake, ensuring your crops are properly developing.

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Using our monitoring products, you can keep track of your storage temperature and significantly reduce your risk of wastage.

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Logistics & Shipping

Wherever you are in the world, you can monitor every step of your shipment’s movements.

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