Medical / Pharmaceutical

Medical / Pharmaceutical

Medical / Pharmaceutical

For the last decade, we have been known for our presence in the medical industry, providing
unique solutions to sensitive products. Our solutions provide everything from data logging to
alarm systems, giving you the ability to observe your vaccines and medical products from
anywhere in the world.

Industry Challenges

Major causes of wastage:* (WHO):

- Expiry

- Heat exposure

- Breakage

- Missing or stolen inventory

- Freezing temperatures



Through our Monitoring Solutions, you will have complete visibility of your stock, receive
alerts for temperature and inventory breaches, and a full history of actions taken. By having
clear and accurate information fundamental to the success of your product, you eliminate the
risk of misinterpreted data, false alarms, and other major causes of wastage.

Total Visibility

Clear and transparent data, delivered in actual time.

24/7 Monitoring

Live access to every moment in your product's journey.

Real-time Alerts

Get instantly alerted to any drops of temperature or changes in stock.


RFID Inventory Management

Ensure the total safety of high-value products through our fully automated monitoring solution.

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Matos Real Time Temperature Monitoring Solutions

With MATOS Monitoring solutions, you can achieve total visibility of your perishable products.

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MATOS Override Controller System

In cases of temperature breaches, our software will automatically readjust while you wait for a technician.

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