What is MATOS?

Who we are - MATOS

MATOS Monitoring

MATOS Monitoring is a web-based, automatic temperature monitoring system, enabling direct access to critical data for medical, agricultural, hospitality, and logistics and shipping industries.

Software Solutions

Through advanced software, you will have access to everything from inventory, refrigerator temperatures and 24/7 tracking.

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We cater to all industries that require round-the-clock visibility of vital information on a range of products. Our tailored approach to monitoring solutions means there isn't anything we can't track.

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For those seeking flexible and bespoke tracking solutions, MATOS Monitoring offers a wide range of monitoring products that deliver real-time and accurate data straight to you, so you can be sure your profit is protected.


For the last decade, we have been known for our presence in the medical industry, providing unique solutions to sensitive products.

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Our monitoring solutions will allow you to track livestock, soil, weather conditions accurately, and water intake, ensuring your crops are properly developing.

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Using our monitoring products, you can keep track of your storage temperature and significantly reduce your risk of wastage.

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Logistics & Shipping

Wherever you are in the world, you can monitor every step of your shipment’s movements.

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Technology Smart

We have a range of highly sophisticated technology, giving you everything you need to protect your profit.

People Driven

Technology can only go so far – it’s how you use it that counts. We are dedicated to providing tailored solutions for your individual needs.