From wastage to health and safety hazards, out-of-date products can put you at risk of being non-compliant and cause serious financial losses. Due to this, these food products must be closely monitored. 

It is paramount that you commit to food safety technology in order to stay on top of expiration dates, rotations, and inventory management. 



Industry Challenges

On average, New Zealand's cafes and restaurants throw away over 1,706 tonnes of spoiled food annually*.



Using our monitoring solutions, you can keep track of your storage temperature, significantly reducing issues caused by expired products. Our temperature breach alerts, inventory visibility, and detailed data report will ensure your produce will make it safely from kitchen to customer.

Total Visibility

Clear and transparent data, delivered in actual time.

24/7 Monitoring

Live access to every moment in your product's journey.

Real-time Alerts

Get instantly alerted to any drops of temperature or changes in stock.


RFID Inventory Management

Ensure the total safety of high-value products through our fully automated monitoring solution.

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MATOS Wireless Monitoring Temperature Sensor

Get access to all of the MATOS monitoring features without the need for specialised configuration or software.

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MATOS Override Controller System

In cases of temperature breaches, our software will automatically readjust while you wait for a technician.

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