Animal Tracking Device

Monitor movements and temperatures, and be alerted to any animal distress.

Animal Tracking Device

Animal Tracking Device

Similar to our [Transport Logger], this collar device can be attached to any livestock. The device will track movement, temperature, and location, all of which will be delivered straight to you in one cohesive report. You will also have access to a full location history report. 

In cases of animal distress, our tracking device will immediately send an SMS/email report and alert you to the location and condition of the animal.

Features and Benefits Include

Fully Automated

Ensure your stock is legitimate, untampered, and maintain correct temperature levels through this fully automated 24/7 monitoring system.

GPS Tracking

Track the movements and location of your individual livestock.


Our monitoring solutions will allow you to track livestock, soil, weather conditions accurately, and water intake, ensuring your crops are properly developing.

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