RFID Inventory Management

Our fully automated refrigerator tracks all inventory and provides a robust monitoring solution that enables full visibility of all inventory while maintaining the highest quality of cold chain temperature monitoring standards.

RFID Inventory Management

RFID Inventory Management

The MATOS RFID system utilises highly intelligent technology that produces accurate and readable data, saving you time spent taking inventory and money lost due to an interrupted cold chain.

Regular inventory scans on all products within the refrigerator are a standard feature. The frequency of these scans can be customised to your preference and have a read success rate of 99% for RFID tags affixed to any product. 

Our refrigerators are designed to shield products from the surrounding environment, eliminating the possibility of any false reads from nearby products, which may also be RFID tagged.

No matter where you are in the world, our no software, web-based platform will provide you with fully automated reports, alerts, audit history, and data to assist with forecasting, all accessible through our Live Dashboard Interface.  

*A range of models available from a small Benchtop 68L to a Freestanding 625L Solid Door Refrigerator.

Features and Benefits Include

Fully automated

Ensure your stock is legitimate, untampered, and maintain correct temperature levels through this fully automated 24/7 monitoring system.

Receive custom reports

Reporting can be customised to be delivered daily, weekly, or monthly.

Manage stock counts

Maintain stock levels, rotation, and receive visibility of products nearing expiration.

Visibility of products nearing expiration

Be alerted to low stock and expiration dates directly to any web-capable device.


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