Monitoring Everything

Limitless tailored monitoring and tracking solutions using some of the most advanced software.

The most advanced tracking and monitoring software solution

Total Visibility

Clear and transparent data, delivered in actual time

24/7 Monitoring

Live access to every moment in your product's journey

Real-time Alerts

Get instantly alerted to any drops of temperature or changes in stock

Global Team

We are a worldwide organisation. No matter where you are, our team can support you

Fully Documented

Every action that is taken is tracked within our systems

Secured and Protected

Assured protection for sensitive data


For the last decade, we have been known for our presence in the medical industry, providing unique solutions to sensitive products.

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Our monitoring solutions will allow you to track livestock, soil, weather conditions accurately, and water intake, ensuring your crops are properly developing.

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Using our monitoring products, you can keep track of your storage temperature and significantly reduce your risk of wastage.

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Logistics & Shipping

Wherever you are in the world, you can monitor every step of your shipmentā€™s movements.

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Solutions for your monitoring needs

Our range of sophisticated software technologies includes everything you need to protect your profit.

RFID Inventory Management

Ensure the total safety of high-value products through our fully automated monitoring solution.

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Matos Real Time Temperature Monitoring

With MATOS Monitoring solutions, you can achieve total visibility of your perishable products.

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Transport Temperature Loggers

Receive real-time temperature alerts and GPS tracking from anywhere in the world.

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Matos Override Controller System

In cases of temperature breaches, our software will automatically readjust while you wait for a technician.

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Animal Tracking Device

Monitor movements and temperatures, and be alerted to any animal distress.

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Tailored Monitoring Solutions

Our monitoring solutions are flexible and can be tailored to fit your unique requirements.

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